Sunday, June 5, 2011

Custom Nike Shox Design by Annick

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I have been wanting to design my own sneakers for a while. My boyfriend and I are obsessed with cool trainers and are also very picky about the styles we wear. My current gym shoes are worn out and begging to be retired. I have been having a difficult time finding a style/color that I like, which is hard to believe considering how many stores I have been to.

Nike's online store has a Custom iD option which let's you pick out a style and choose every design detail. I have been wanting to try this out for a while. Today, I finally pulled the plug, designed and ordered these Nike Shox pictured above. I have found that Nike Shox work well for me at the gym. They have the right support and firmness for me. These will be my fifth pair! It was an easy process to design the sneakers, but a pain in the neck to get the order through. I had to call customer service and process the order over the phone. I should receive them in about four weeks. I will post once I get them.

Note: Nike did not sponsor this post. However,... if they ever wanted to sponsor me, I would be game!!! ;)

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