Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ICFF 2011 - Part Three

Part Three of ICFF Coverage -

Timorous Beasties!!! I love this new collection of Nottingham lace. This company exploded onto the market with their wallpapers and I am really impressed with the textiles they are producing.

I also love this Wool Voile Collection. The patterns are incredibly interesting. The influence is from traditional designs but Timorous Beasties put such a perfect dark modern twist on them. I hope that I have the opportunity to visit their factory or studio someday.

John Beck's Paper and Steel line is super masculine and refined. He knows how to finish metal well and that makes all the difference in his work. A piece like the one above could be thrown into a Steam Punk, Motorcycle Club, or Aspen Ski Home interior and it would look good. For such a stylized piece, it has potential to used in a variety of ways.

Ok, I have real weakness for chandeliers. So, of course, I was taken by the Studio Baccarat booth. There is something mesmerizing and impressive about light being transmitted through cut glass. I am happy to report that I was not the only one oooing and aahhing.

I was delighted to see this installation/piece, called Marie Coquine,  by Philippe Stark. I adore humor in design and M. Stark always has a joke for us. Although I am not M. Stark, I not-so-secretly dream that someday Baccarat will ask me to design a chandelier.... Please?

In the vein of traditional european design houses, I continued on to the spanish Lladro. Known for their themed collections of ceramic, this new collection called Naturofantastic is stellar. The combination of the shiny white pared with the matte gold accents exudes luxury. Sometimes, it feels good to just go over the top. Lladro can sometimes go way far over the top, but this collection shows just enough restraint to be perfect.
Part Four to come...

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