Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saugerties Artists Studio Tour Count Down - 10 Weeks To Go

I just came out of our monthly meeting for the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour. Due to my work schedule, I have missed most of the meetings this year. Going to the meeting reminded me of the pending dates of the tour, August 13th and 14th; only 10 weeks away. I was also reminded, by looking around the room, of all the talented people involved in the tour.

One of the artists, Michael Nelson, put together the above video on about nine people who are on the tour. The video is really well done and captures the personalities and perspectives of the variety of artists that live in one town and one weekend a year, feel compelled to open their studios up to the public.

Barbara Bravo, who is featured in the video, is our fearless leader who connects the 40 plus artists together that make this tour happen. Have you ever tried to get a room full of artists to focus on one effort? Believe me, I would deem it impossible if it weren't for Barbara who gets everyone to help out, settle disputes, and unites us to make it happen. Besides all the hours she puts in year round organizing and promoting the tour, she is also a ceramic artist AND a master gardener. Barbara Bravo is a true compassionate unsung hero and leader.

This will be my second year on the tour. Unfortunately, because I am on the tour, I am unable to visit the other artists studios. The video is a joy for me to watch because I am able to get to know the other artists I am associated with. During our meetings leading up to the tour, we do not have the time to talk about our work. I believe I am still the youngest person on the tour. Most of the tour people have been working as full time artists for years. There is much I can learn from them and I love being around them. They have such wonderful personalities.

The tour is August 13th and 14th. For more information, visit the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour website for Artist bios, Tour Map, and general information. 

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