Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crate & Barrel and CB2 Outlet in Cranbury NJ

Who knew? There is a Crate & Barrel and CB2 outlet in Cranbury, NJ.
The only reason I found out was by calling CB2 to ask a bunch of questions about the Alpine Gunmetal Bed. I have been deciding whether or not to buy this bed, for myself, for a few months now. As a furniture designer, it's always hard to justify buying a piece of furniture when you feel like you should make it yourself. It ends up being a real struggle of conscience. When I called CB2, the representative suggested that I go to the Cranbury store to see if they had one in stock. I was so excited to know that they have a store in NJ. I was surprised when I went there that it is actually a Crate & Barrel outlet with some CB2 items. The representative failed to mention that!
The store had a nice selection of items. It is housed in a HUGE warehouse in an industrial park area. It must be their major shipping hub for the east coast. The sales people were delightful, which is sadly unexpected in a store these days. Even at 10 minutes to closing, the sales force was going strong. Unfortunately, the 2 year old kid having a melt down in the dinnerware section was not.
If I needed these chairs or had a client who needed them, I would have snatched them up. There were 4 of them at about $40 each. They are called the Jasper chair, and usually retail for $150 each. A lot of the other inventory was partials, left overs, or damaged. They had a great fabric, outdoor, and dinnerware section.
I even came across a couple Petrie Apartment Sofas. People LOVE this sofa. It would be a steal to buy it at a huge discount. I personally am not a fan of two cushion sofas. Someone always gets stuck sitting in the crack and it sucks. So, I didn't even look at the price.
Overall, the outlet is definitely worth checking out. You never know what great finds await!

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