Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jewelry Designer Shana Lee

I was out with my friends, Lucie and Kerry, wondering through Hudson NY. We had just gone to Fredrick Church's Olana and were in search of a good meal. We happened across a very cool jewelry store owned by Shana Lee. How I overlooked this store before, I have no idea. The old building interior is painted all white with ornate black furniture cases mounted on the walls. The interior is both modern and edgy with a nod to the past, which sets a perfect stage for highlighting the jewelry. 
Originally from Brooklyn, Shana Lee is a spunky designer with a killer haircut who makes jewelry that is a little rock and roll, a little raw, and a lot refined. Mostly working in sterling silver and vermeil, the price point is extremely reasonable. Most of the earrings I looked at ranged from $45 to $200. All the pieces have beautiful movement to them. I bought the earrings above and wear them daily. They are about 2.5" long, in the vermeil finish, and are no longer available- sorry!
That day, my friend Kerry bought ones similar to these Gypsy Hoops in vermeil.
A couple months later, my sister came to visit and knowing her love of jewelry, I brought her to Shana Lee's. When we went into the store, Shana Lee recognized me from my previous visit and asked how I was liking my earrings. It was a personal touch that did not go unnoticed. After deciding between three different styles, my sister ended up buying the above earrings in vermeil.
If you are in Hudson NY, stop by Shana Lee's on 315 Warren St. Her jewelry is also available at these locations. If you don't feel like leaving your house, you can also shop online at

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