Monday, May 2, 2011

Blacksmithing Class Number Seven & Eight

I had to travel for work so much to my chagrin, I missed Class Number Six. The project for that week was to make a BBQ grilling fork. Jonathan Nedbor, the instructor and owner of Canal Forge, was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to do a make up session to forge one. The following two classes went by far too quickly. I can't believe eight weeks have gone by...

In the last two classes, we went over metal identification by grinding metal and studying the spark patterns. That was pretty exciting! I saw my first grinding wheel break, which caught everyone off guard. Unexpected events like that are why you wear safety glasses. We also went over tempering, which is the process of bringing metal to a certain temperature and cooling it properly to cause it to become harder. This process is used to make tools.

Our final project was to make a cold chisel out of hex rod tool steel. We used the tempering technique to harden the chisel edge.

This is my final product! Every tool box should have one and I never bought one. So, I'm excited to now have one I made. Anyone need something chiseled?
I wish I could give a link to Jonathan Nedbor, our instructor's, work. Unfortunately, he doesn't currently have a website. Once he does have one, I will update this post with the information. Jonathan owns Canal Forge in High Falls, NY. I highly recommend taking a Blacksmithing course with him. Besides being a great teacher, he is extremely talented and very generous with his knowledge! 

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