Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bike Week at Daytona, FL 2011

I happened to be in Tampa, FL for business the same week my boyfriend and a group of friends were in Daytona, FL for Bike Week. Once I was done with work, I picked up a rental car and headed northeast to Daytona. I drove straight to the track, Daytona International Speedway, to see our friend Jake Quick compete in Flat Track.

In the first night of racing, Jake was feeling out the bike. In the AMA Pro Singles Finale, the next night, he took 4th place and had the 5th fastest lap out of 59 people during the day! I should also mention that Mr. Quick, so aptly named, is also 17. It is going to be a good season for him.

Flat Track is super exciting to watch in person. Its loud, dusty, brightly colored and brings a range of spectators that are a hoot to people watch. Most people think Bike Week is all about booze and Harleys. While there is that aspect, there is a whole other side of it that is about racing, exotic bikes, riding, and sunshine.

We went for a ride on Friday and ended up in this town called Cassadaga. It is a mecca for healers of all different types. I thought I might run into someone who would tell me some beautiful insight into my life. Alas, there weren't many people around that day. Only one old guy who muttered under his breath as he walked by the motorcycles, "Damn killers...".

Taking a break...
We ended up riding to Blue Spring State Park that had Manatees! I have never seen one in person before. They are awkward looking and graceful at the same time. Sadly, you can see the scars on their backs from boat propellers which are the number one cause of their death in FL.

As we were walking through the park, we also came across this armadillo. It was fun to watch him foraging for food. Being from the North East, it is a real novelty to see armadillos. So, you see... us Bike Week people... we also do other things besides party like animals and you probably will never catch us on Harleys!