Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stanley & Sons - Custom Aprons and Bags

I believe doing good shop work requires an apron. The act of putting one on switches your mindset to- it is now time to work. I wear one to protect my clothes from paint, adhesives, wood and metal chips, dirt, grime, etc. I also wear one to keep my clothes from getting suck in machinery and to protect my body.
I came across this company, Stanley & Sons, who makes custom aprons and bags in Brooklyn NY. When I'm ready for a new apron, I plan on buying this one. Apron SS0929 -
It's made of waxed canvas with leather straps and has the perfect placement of pockets for pencils, sharpie, small tools, and notepad. I also like that its made of waxed canvas so I don't have to worry about stuff getting stuck in the weave of the fabric. Come to think of it, I might be ready for it now.

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