Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chicago: SOFA Part 2

Part two of the SOFA show from Chicago. While I find this piece to be bizarre, this 18" high kimono is made of mini glass beads. I cannot fathom how long it took to produce. The detail is remarkable.
This oil painting popped from the wall. The fabrics were beautifully rendered. The exaggerated proportions of the figures lends to the unsettling feeling of the image.
This was a large ceramic piece that looked like it should feel somewhat soft and at the same time had a rock like quality to it. I really had to keep myself from touching it.
This oil painting was about 3 x 5 ft. It was positioned so when you rounded a corner, it surprised you. The depth in this painting is disorienting. It is a strange interior to render, as the style isn't American architecture. This painting is about a well rendered perspective. To make it more effective, I feel like it should be an image/space that the viewer can relate to. Hence, it should be an interior style that American's are familiar with because it is being viewed in the USA. This image, as is, would probably be amazing in Italy.
Yes, this is a sculpture... While the realism is unbelievable, it is also a bit of a one hit wonder. I know it sounds harsh, but its also a little creepy in real life.
This is the piece that SOFA used for their promotional cards and marketing. I'm surprised they chose this piece because it is edgy. Although, it was probably a smart move as they got me to go to the show and probably brought a contingent that wouldn't usually attend. I wouldn't have been so convinced to go, if I had seen a more traditional folky piece. Overall, the show was good. There was a lot that was too crafty for me. I definitely appreciate the craftsmanship of the pieces. It is a breath of fresh air to see well made objects. That is definitely something that is lacking in the modern art world. I will probably wait a few years before I attend another show.

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