Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hudson Quadricentennial Treasure Hunt

The Saugerties Artists Studio Tour was awarded a grant to participate in the Hudson Quadricentennial Celebration. The Artists decided to devise a Treasure Hunt with artwork dedicated to the the themes of the Hudson River. Twenty four artists, including myself, have made boxes which have been placed in and around the Town and Village of Saugerties, NY. Each week, for the past few weeks, clues have been published in the local paper for people to find the boxes. If someone finds all twenty four boxes, they can win a gift certificate to a local restaurant. For details and images of the artwork, check out the Saugerties Artists Studio Tour Website.
SO, the whole point of a Treasure Hunt is to NOT tell where the Treasure is. BUT, I'm not really telling you WHERE it is if I don't verbalize it, right? I mean, can you even find my artwork in the image above??? Are you even sure you know where this is??? If I get kicked out of the Tour because you ratted me out, its all your fault. So, if you figure it out, keep it on the down low and tell Suzanne and Jordan I say hello and thank you!

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Sofi said...

I think I found it!