Monday, January 12, 2009

Superfine in 2009

I had the pleasure of starting 2009 on Nantucket, Ma. My trip out there was delayed one day due to the Nor'easter we had in New England. We tried to make it out on Dec. 31st, but turned around after not even making it one exit and seeing a car in front of us do a dramatic 360 degree turn on the thruway. We ended up leaving the next day, and it felt great to be traveling to a new destination on January 1st.

It was so cold that ice formed along the shore and was intertwined with the seaweed and shells. The beach was absolutely inspiring in its forms, colors, and patterns. All the photos were taken during my trip. I look forward to returning to Nantucket and seeing the island in different seasons.

The wind made the grass spin and it created these perfect circle patterns.

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